This Is Why You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left Side

left side

We all know that the sleep is very important for maintaining a very good mental and physical health. However, the duration of the sleep is very important as well as the way in which you sleep. The sleep position can influence your general health, help in keeping the skin look …

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Do This For 15 Minutes Before Going To Bed, It Can Change Your Skin Complexion Overnight

change skin

The summer season could be very rough time for the skin, during this time the skin becomes dull and dry and it needs some extra attention. Today we will tell you a 2 step treatment that could make your skin glowing and radiant instantly. This is a two steps process, …

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This All-Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream Can Keep Your Skin Resilient, Translucent, Blemish-Free, Smooth, and Healthy! Here Is How to Make It!

Getting some wrinkles is a normal part of the aging process. Specifically, as you grow old, your skin becomes less resilient, leading to dry skin, wrinkles, and slower healing. In fact, wrinkles primarily appear in the area around the eyes. Skin aging is actually a complex biological process, influenced by these factors: …

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Move Over Cotton!! Say Hello to Hemp, the Forbidden Crop That Is Taking the World by Storm!

Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops on Earth. However, what is hemp, and how is it different from the psychoactive cannabis that some people take medicinally and recreationally? In fact, there are different types of the cannabis plant. Hemp, which is also known as industrial hemp, is a non-psychoactive …

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Here Is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 1 Banana Daily!


The bananas are among the most delicious fruits in the world. They are also very nutritious, and they possess high antioxidant and fiber content. However, a number of people have doubts about the fruit as a result of its high amount of carbs and sugars. – This Fruit Possesses Numerous Important …

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Trouble Sleeping? Slow Metabolism? Drink 2 Cups Of Tart Cherry Juice Before Bedtime For One Week

It is true: Lack of sleep could really affect your weight! Skimping on sleep is causing your brain to make bad decisions, thus cooking up the ideal recipe for weight gain. Sleep Deprivation Effects on Your Body The sleep deprivation sucks up all of your energy and leaves you not able …

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The DEA May List THIS Health-Promoting Plant as a Schedule 1 Narcotic!

In 2016, in the Federal Register the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration published a notice of intent to list 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine (main psychoactive constituents of the plant kratom or Mitragyna speciosa) as controlled substances. And that’s not all, the DEA made a decision to add the plant to the most restrictive classification …

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