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How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water?

There are a lot of ways that are good in case you want to detect the negative energy at home. Nevertheless, the next step you will read is very easy and not difficult, and will also create an amazing harmony in your house.

We all know that the negative energies modify our lives and complete them with depression, anxious, stress. In some way, they can not be avoid, but for sure they can be removed.

When we talk about having a negative energy in our house, we mean on bad luck, problems with finance, stress, relationship problems and so on.

Here you can see how to detect the negative energies!

Everything you need is one glass of water.

Here is what you should do:

First of all find one clean glass that does not have any marks, colors or prints on it. Then, put 1/3 of salt sea in it, pour 2/3 of apple cider vinegar and water. Put the glass in a room you think there is a negative energy, most likely some corner. Leave the glass there for 24 Hours. After that, take the glass out and look at the state it’s in.

If you see that the glass has another color, like dyed green or gasified, then it means that there is a negative energy and all you have to do is to throw the contents of the glass in the toilet and then to flush it. Afterwards, you have to fill another glass and to put that glass on the same place. You need to repeat the process and wait 24 Hours. When the glass has no changed color, it means that there is no more negative energy in that room and of course, you can do this in every room you want to.

Source: womandailytips.com

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