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Trouble Sleeping? Slow Metabolism? Drink 2 Cups Of Tart Cherry Juice Before Bedtime For One Week

It is true: Lack of sleep could really affect your weight! Skimping on sleep is causing your brain to make bad decisions, thus cooking up the ideal recipe for weight gain. Sleep Deprivation Effects on Your Body The sleep deprivation sucks up all of your energy and leaves you not able …

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The DEA May List THIS Health-Promoting Plant as a Schedule 1 Narcotic!

In 2016, in the Federal Register the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration published a notice of intent to list 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine (main psychoactive constituents of the plant kratom or Mitragyna speciosa) as controlled substances. And that’s not all, the DEA made a decision to add the plant to the most restrictive classification …

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How To Reduce Effects Of Chemo/Radiation, And Improve Blood Platelet Count With Papaya Leaf Juice


Papaya leaf juice is ideal for those persons who are looking for a healthy vegetable, herb, or leaf to add to their juice recipes. Knowing that few people eat the papaya leaves, juicing is an amazing way to get the most of them in term of their health benefits. The …

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Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered

The site Neon Nettle wrote an article about the strange circumstances that are surrounding the deaths of a handful of doctors from Florida, that all shared a common trait – they discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was added to vaccines that were then administrated to humans. So, what does this enzyme do? …

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This Is What Happens If You Hold The Hands In This Positions!

Considering the world that we live in, there is no wonder that we suffer from aches and pains in our mind and body. Aside from the medications, painkillers and traditional medicine, the people often practice yoga, meditation and acupuncture. These are useful methods, but there is one more method that …

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